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Easy Lift 77-40AJ

The Missing Link

Easy Lift 77-40AJ with Arborist Package

From the Arborist series, here is the missing link, combining all the technical simplicity of smaller units with the incredible performance of the larger ones.

77′ working height
40′ unrestricted outreach with 510lbs in basket
38″ total width
7,165lbs overall weight
Wireless remote control
Hostile kit
LIVE hydraulic ground controls
Automatic self-levelling outriggers
Hydraulic extendable carriage
Electric emergency descent system
Non-marking tracks
Special and custom painting
Additional basket (2 men alu / 1 or 2 men fiber)
Outriggers “sinking” alarm
Winter start package
strobe light (beacon)
Outriggers pads (set of 4)
Working lamp on basket