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Falcon Spider Lifts

The Falcon Spider Atrium Lift Series

Need for high atrium access? The Falcon Spider Atrium Access Lift can be the perfect solution to your high access atrium problem.

FALCON LIFTS offers a wide range of lifts – 95-170 ft of aerial, flexible and atrium access.

When you need considerable work height combined with limited access and surface pressure restriction, nothing outperforms The Falcon Spider Atrium Lift series.

Falcon Spider Atrium Lift series sets a new standard for compact, flexible and light aerial work platform design. The Falcon Spider Atrium Lift has optional automatic outrigger setting and chassis control from basket. The lift can be driven in folded position from the basket as well as outriggers can be set automatically, also from the basket. The design is not only elegant, but also makes it the most user- friendly and safe unit in its class.

Standard features include our world-renowned, automatic safety- and stability system, which provides maximum safety as well as our unique multi-position outrigger system, which allows for set-up on uneven surfaces. The Falcon Spider Atrium Lift makes it possible to operate in places where other high-atrium access platform types fail.

Falcon Spider Lifts are unmatched in sophisticated double jib articulation, achieving unprecedented reach and performance. The double jib system is the only one of its kind, offering the operator the ability to rotate over, under and between building obstacles.

The spider lift is very applicable in matters of:

  • Facility management access
  • Atrium access
  • Limited/narrow access in general
  • Limited floor pressure
  • Need for flexible outrigger
  • Limited setup space
  • Need for double jibs
  • Need for double crawler system

The Falcon Spider Atrium Lifts

Rotate over, under and between building obstacles

Falcon 108Z Vario

Falcon 121 Wheel/Falcon 138 Wheel

Falcon Lifts 125XL Vario

Falcon 141 Vario

Falcon 121 Double Track

Falcon 138 Double Track

Falcon 170 Double Track